List of Higher Echeron Army Headquarters

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So-Gun Class (general headquarter class) Army GHQs

JapaneseEnglishformed and disbanded date
Shina Haken GunChina Expeditionary Army1939.9.12-(1945)
Kanto GunKwantung Army1919.4-(1945)Upgraded to So-Gun class generalheadquarter in Oct 1942.
Nanpo GunSouthern (Expeditionary) Army1941.11.6-(1945)Often called as Nanpo So-Gun.
Boei So-ShireibuHome Defense General Headquarter1941.7.7-1945.4.15
Dai-Ichi So-Gun1st general army1945.4.7-(1945)It existed for a while after the surrender as '1st demobilization headquarter' until Nov. 30, 1945.
Dai-Ni So-Gun2nd general army1945.4.7-(1945)
Koku So-Gungeneral air army1945.4.7-(1945)

Theater Army class HQs

JapaneseEnglishformed and disbanded date
Kita-Shina Homen GunNorth-China Theater Army1937.8.26-(1945)
Chu-Shina Homen GunCentral-China Theater Army1937.10.30-1939.9.23It had been already abolished before Dec.1941.
Minami-Shina Homen GunSouth-China Theater Army1940.2.10-1941.6.28It had been already abolished before Dec.1941.
Biruma Homen GunBurma Theater Army1943.3.18-(1945)
For numbered theater army, we omitted redundant descriptions.
1st Homen Gun1st Theater Army1942.7.1-(1945)Manchuria
5th1944.3.10-(1945)Hokkaido and northern area
6th1944.8.25-(1945)Inland south China (Wuhan city)
8th1943.11.9-(1945)Rabaul, New Guinea
11th1945.2.1-(1945)Tohoku (Northeast of Honshu Island)
12th1945.2.1-(1945)Tokyo and its neighborhood
13th1945.2.1-(1945)Nagoya and its neighborhood
14th1944.7.28-(1945)Philippine (upgraded from 14th army HQ)
15th1945.2.1-(1945)Osaka and its neighborhood
Shikoku Island
16th1945.2.1-(1945)Kyushu Island
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